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An Evening with Faya Dayi Director Jessica Beshir

The Brooklyn-based filmmaker spoke with fellow director Yance Ford on the challenges of making her sublimely lyrical debut feature, one of the most acclaimed documentaries of the year.

Alphabet Soup: A Conversation with Topaz Jones and rubberband.

The filmmakers behind Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma talk about finding inspiration in the Black ABCs, an 1970s educational resource that gave Black students a letter chart reflective of their experiences.

By Beatrice Loayza

Mothers and Daughters: A Conversation with Mariana Saffon

The director of the award-winning short Between You and Milagros, now playing on the Criterion Channel, talks about her personal connection to the film’s portrait of tense familial bonds.

By Beatrice Loayza

For the Love of Black Queer Cinema: A Conversation with Stephen Winter

With his two features now playing on the Criterion Channel, the audacious and fiercely independent director shares memories of the nineties LGBTQ film scene and his ideas about sensuality on-screen.

By Conor Williams

Beyond Visible: Gina Prince-Bythewood on the Necessity of Black Women’s Cinema

The director of Love & Basketball reflects on more than twenty years of bringing the underrepresented stories of her community to the big and small screen.

By Rebecca Carroll

Lessons in Liberation: Ephraim Asili on the Films That Shaped Him

The director of The Inheritance discusses a series he has curated for the Criterion Channel, which spotlights radical films that inspire him and disrupt the status quo.

By Beatrice Loayza

A Moment When I Forgot My Home: A Conversation with Miko Revereza

With two short films and his acclaimed debut feature, No Data Plan, now playing on the Criterion Channel, the Filipino American filmmaker discusses his vision of the immigrant experience.

By Aaron E. Hunt

ImagineNATIVE Cinema: A Conversation with Niki Little

The artistic director of the groundbreaking Canadian film festival discusses its evolution and the road ahead for Indigenous cinema.

By Girish Shambu

Mother and Son: Michael Koresky Celebrates a Bond Forged in Cinema

In his new book, Films of Endearment, the critic revisits ten favorite films with his mother and grapples with how her ways of seeing have shaped his.

By Durga Chew-Bose

Walkers in the City: Jules Dassin and Bruce Goldstein in New York

With his documentary Uncovering “The Naked City,” beloved Film Forum repertory program director Bruce Goldstein pays tribute to his friendship with the legendary Hollywood auteur and the bygone New York he immortalized on-screen.

By Michael Sragow

Ghosts of the Future: A Conversation with Larry Achiampong

In a suite of four sci-fi-inflected short films now playing on the Criterion Channel, the British Ghanaian artist imagines a time in which Africa has ascended to prosperity but continues to grapple with the remnants of its colonial past.

By Ashley Clark

Bridging the Gaps in Trans History: A Conversation with K. J. Rawson

Gathering a wide range of trans-related materials, the Digital Transgender Archive represents a breakthrough for researchers looking to piece together the community’s past.

By Caden Mark Gardner

It Can Happen Here: A Conversation with Will Niava

With his debut short film, Zoo, now on the Criterion Channel, the Montreal-based filmmaker talks with us about its depiction of police brutality and independent cinema’s engagement with social issues.

By Alexandra Proulx

The Man in the Wings: David Fincher on the Shadowy Life of Herman Mankiewicz

The witty and notoriously tempestuous Citizen Kane screenwriter comes into focus in this conversation between a Mankiewicz biographer and Fincher, whose new film Mank is remarkably faithful to the details of Hollywood history.

Dog Days: A Conversation with Halima Ouardiri

The director of Mutts, a short film now playing on the Criterion Channel, talks about chronicling life within a giant dog shelter in Morocco.

By Penelope Bartlett

Cultivating the Legacy of Cuban Cinema: A Conversation with Luciano Castillo

With his deep knowledge of Cuban film history and his tireless efforts to promote it, the director of the Cinemateca de Cuba has been an invaluable resource for our releases of Memories of Underdevelopment and Lucía.

By Valeria Rotella

Shabier Kirchner’s Love Letter to a Vanishing Antigua

The cinematographer behind Steve McQueen’s acclaimed Small Axe films discusses his debut short, Dadli, which makes its premiere this week on the Criterion Channel.

By Penelope Bartlett

Matthew Puccini on Making the Queer Film He Wishes He’d Grown Up With

A highlight at this year’s SXSW, the short film Dirty depicts a moment of sexual intimacy between two young men with a candor that’s still rare in American independent cinema.

By Penelope Bartlett

When Hollywood Was a Writers’ Town: A Conversation with Philippe Garnier

In this sprawling interview, the veteran French journalist recounts the long, eccentric research journey behind his newly translated portrait of the writers who fueled American cinema in the thirties and forties.

By Imogen Sara Smith

How Bernardo Montet Infused Beau travail with His “Choreographic Thought”

The repressed desire at the heart of Claire Denis’s masterpiece comes to life thanks to the French dancer-choreographer’s work with a largely nonprofessional troupe of performers.

By Hillary Weston

All in the Game: An Interactive Homage to the Samurai Genre

The designers of the highly anticipated video game Ghost of Tsushima look back on the work and research that went into translating the influence of chanbara classics into their own medium.

By Tyson Kubota

Feeding the Appetites: Nan Goldin’s Movie Obsessions

In this in-depth interview, the legendary photographer and filmmaker explains how a lifetime of compulsive movie-watching has influenced her artistic practice.

By Hillary Weston

Portrait of the Poet as a Cinephile: Michael Almereyda Remembers John Ashbery

In an intimate short film now playing on the Criterion Channel, director Michael Almereyda captures a rare glimpse of one of the most celebrated poets of the twentieth century near the end of his life.

By Emily Skillings

A Different Kind of Script: Paul Schrader on the Literary Origins of The Comfort of Strangers

In this archival interview, the director talks about the distinctive literary sensibilities of Ian McEwan, whose novel serves as the film’s source material, and Harold Pinter, who wrote the screenplay.