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Will Noah

Will Noah is Channel editor at the Criterion Collection. His writing and translation have appeared in the Baffler, BOMB, n+1, and the New York Review of Books.

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American Cinema’s Sixties Crack-Up

During a period of seismic change in U.S. history, the Hollywood studio system began to fracture beyond repair, resulting in a new freedom in how movies explored themes of violence, psychosis, and social breakdown.

By Will Noah

Macabre in Morelia: Exploring the Dark Side of Juan Bustillo Oro

At the nineteenth edition of the Morelia International Film Festival, a repertory sidebar showcased the stylistically audacious work of a leading figure of Mexico’s cine de oro.

By Will Noah

Deep Dives

Elem Klimov’s Boundary-Pushing Satires

The director of the war masterpiece Come and See got his start lampooning social conformity in 1960s Soviet life. Two of his early-career gems are now available on the Criterion Channel on FilmStruck.

By Will Noah