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“I Like My Films”

Mike Leigh, Hayao Miyazaki, Céline Sciamma, and Jessica Beshir discuss their work, and Farran Smith Nehme launches a newsletter.

By David Hudson

Menace II Society: The Truth Hurts

With the candor and rage of many hip-hop albums of the nineties, the Hughes brothers’ controversial debut feature depicts Watts as a pitiless urban war zone with no exit.

By Craig D. Lindsey

Uncut Gems: “Taking It to the Rack”

The Safdie brothers explore money, basketball, and racial tensions in this manic tale of a New York City jewelry dealer’s existential meltdown.

By J. Hoberman

Citizen Kane: The Once and Future Kane

Modern in conception but postmodern in effect, the film hailed by many as the greatest ever made has been the subject of cinephilic passion and intense critical analysis since its release in 1941.

By Bilge Ebiri


“It Might Be You” Brings Tootsie’s Queer Potential to the Surface

In the context of Sydney Pollack’s gender-crossing comedy, the mellow love theme sung by Stephen Bishop suggests that the plenitude of romantic possibility has the power to break down social boundaries.

By Karen Tongson

Satyajit Ray at the Academy Museum

The newly opened museum celebrates the centenary with a two-part retrospective.

By David Hudson

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Five in Theaters

Brief notes on films arriving from Mike Mills, Tatiana Huezo, Jane Campion, Robert Greene, and Radu Jude.

By David Hudson

Fatal Attraction: Women on the Serial-Killer Movies That Thrill Them

Six writers confront their fascination with films about murderers, including the true-crime shocker Angst, the quasi-documentary Landscape Suicide, and the erotic thriller In the Cut.

Ryusuke Hamaguchi: “This Is How We Live Our Lives”

Having won major prizes in Berlin and Cannes, the director has been talking openly about his background, influences, and working methods.

By David Hudson

Once Upon a Time in China: The Complete Films: Past Master

Tsui Hark’s epic martial-arts saga revolutionized Hong Kong cinema by presenting a complex portrait of modern Chinese history and setting a gold standard in action choreography.

By Maggie Lee

Life of a Legend: A Brief History of Wong Fei-hung On-Screen

Starting with his first movie, in 1949, the Cantonese folk hero became a pop-culture phenomenon whose personality evolved to suit the times.

By Grady Hendrix

November Books

Paul Newman’s forthcoming memoir, Bill Gunn’s 1981 novel, and Melissa Anderson’s Inland Empire are among this month’s notable titles.

By David Hudson

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The Things We Remember

A new podcast delves into the life and work of Chantal Akerman, and Reverse Shot opens a new symposium.

By David Hudson

First Person

The Gleaners and I and I

The author of the acclaimed book Pop Song came to her love of cinema—including the work of Agnès Varda—by trying to watch her partner’s favorite films through his eyes.

By Larissa Pham

Dean Stockwell, the Comeback Kid

Over time, the former child star learned to love his work.

By David Hudson

2021 European Film Awards Nominations

Julia Ducournau’s Titane, Jasmila Žbanić’s Quo Vadis, Aida?, and Florian Zeller’s The Father lead with four each.

By David Hudson

James Ivory “Spills the Tea”

MoMI presents a conversation with the director about his new memoir and a screening of A Room with a View.

By David Hudson

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Going Our Way?

This week heads in all directions—noir, musicals, and the avant-garde.

By David Hudson

Belfast, Boiling Point, and the BIFAs

Kenneth Branagh and Philip Barantini lead the race for this year’s British Independent Film Awards.

By David Hudson

Mothers and Daughters: A Conversation with Mariana Saffon

The director of the award-winning short Between You and Milagros, now playing on the Criterion Channel, talks about her personal connection to the film’s portrait of tense familial bonds.

By Beatrice Loayza

MoMA’s Contenders

So far, the Museum’s programmers have selected nearly twenty films that they believe “will stand the test of time.”

By David Hudson

Dune: “Beware of Heroes”

As Denis Villeneuve prepares Dune: Part Two, writers delve into the religious and political ideas that inform the new franchise.

By David Hudson

La strada: Beauty and the Beast

Federico Fellini’s earliest masterpiece is a story of despair and optimism, cruelty and salvation, that occasioned the director’s ascent to stardom.

By Christina Newland

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Scary Stories

A lost Iranian melodrama returns, Reverse Shot and Caligari tell us scary stories, and Robert Mitchum is the star of Noirvember.

By David Hudson