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This month we’re reading about David Fincher, Sofia Coppola, Hong Sangsoo, and Werner Herzog.

By David Hudson

Did You See This?

Fits and Starts

It wasn’t always smooth going for Max Ophuls, Mike Hodges, or Irrfan Khan.

By David Hudson

One Scene

Reality Breaks in Irma Vep

The director of We’re All Going to the World’s Fair reflects on the transformative power of a Sonic Youth needle drop in Olivier Assayas’s 1996 film.

By Jane Schoenbrun

The Inventive Versatility of James Wong Howe

New York’s Museum of the Moving Image presents a series of nineteen films shot by the accomplished cinematographer.

By David Hudson

Qiu Jiongjiong and A New Old Play

Before Qiu’s award-winning feature opens in theaters, the National Museum of Asian Art will present an online retrospective.

By David Hudson

The Eyes That Fascinate

Louis Feuillade’s influential serial Les Vampires reflected the French national subconscious at the time by depicting a madcap world of anarchy and violent spectacle.

By Lucy Sante

Mr. Klein: It’s All in the Name

Joseph Losey’s sumptuous portrait of Nazi-occupied Paris sees an icy Alain Delon as an art dealer on a Kafkaesque quest for identity.

By Ginette Vincendeau

Alex Garland’s Men

The director of Ex Machina and Annihilation returns, and many critics have questions.

By David Hudson

John Waters and Cookie Mueller

Waters has written his first novel, and a collection of Mueller’s writing has just been reissued.

By David Hudson

Did You See This?

“I’ll Die of Love”

This week: Tarkovsky’s answer to Kubrick, the Otolith Group, Brooklyn filmmakers, German scenes, and Béatrice Dalle.

By David Hudson

Women Filming for Their Lives

A coincidental set of screenings and openings almost seems to be responding to the impending reversal of Roe v. Wade.

By David Hudson

Memories of a Vibrant Moment in Asian American Cinema

Five pioneering filmmakers look back on the communities and institutions that helped them flourish in the 1990s, an era in Asian American moving-image culture that has since gone underappreciated.

San Francisco Silent Film Festival 2022

The twenty-fifth edition offers lavish decadence, experimental poetry, and timely poignance.

By David Hudson

The Fatal Vision of Fritz Lang

A Melbourne Cinémathèque series of double bills spotlights Lang’s penchant for drilling into the darkest recesses of human nature.

By David Hudson

Forgotten Filmmakers of the French New Wave

MoMA and the Harvard Film Archive present a program of more than forty overlooked features.

By David Hudson

Did You See This?

They’ve Got the Look—and the Beat

This week swerves from the slick cinéma du look to the harshest punk noise.

By David Hudson

Hot Docs Salutes Anand Patwardhan

For half a century, the Indian documentarian has won accolades abroad while fighting censorship at home.

By David Hudson

The Latest from Cannes and Beyond

Cannes sets its juries, Directors’ Fortnight selects its shorts, Locarno honors Laurie Anderson, and Sundance lines up a big London edition.

By David Hudson

Kazuo Hara’s Dedicated Lives

In his uncompromising chronicles of modern Japanese society, the celebrated filmmaker shows a deep understanding of both larger-than-life individuals and collectives of ordinary citizens.

By Markus Nornes

Eyimofe (This Is My Desire): Floating Currencies

In their ambitious debut feature, brothers Arie and Chuko Esiri capture the vibrancy of contemporary Lagos while also showing the desperation with which its two protagonists seek to leave it.

By Maryam Kazeem

’Round Midnight: Return from Exile

A longtime lover of jazz, Bertrand Tavernier honors its legacy by throwing the spotlight on real musicians—including legendary tenor sax player Dexter Gordon—improvising on-screen.

By Mark Anthony Neal

Cinema Reborn 2022

The Sydney-based festival of new restorations offers a rich set of globally accessible program notes.

By David Hudson

Scorsese’s Film Foundation Presents Free Screenings

The monthly program will feature introductions, interviews, and more supplements.

By David Hudson

Documentary’s Newest Forms: A Conversation with Inney Prakash

The founder of the experimental documentary festival Prismatic Ground discusses his vision for rethinking the bounds of nonfiction cinema.

By Jordan Cronk