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Mark Harris

Mark Harris is a journalist and film historian, and the author of Pictures at a Revolution (2008), Five Came Back (2014), and Mike Nichols: A Life (2021).

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Original Cast Album: “Company”: The Little Things You Do Together

D. A. Pennebaker turns his camera on Stephen Sondheim and the cast of his breakthrough musical in this revelatory documentary about artists at work.

By Mark Harris

Wildlife: What Is and What Isn’t

In this remarkably restrained adaptation of a Richard Ford novel, the midcentury American dream gives way to harsh reality as one Montana family begins to fall apart.

By Mark Harris

Klute: Trying to See Her

Alan J. Pakula’s partnership with a newly politicized Jane Fonda turned what could have been a run-of-the-mill detective movie into a psychologically vivid portrait of a strong female character.

By Mark Harris

Midnight Cowboy: On the Fringe
John Schlesinger’s Midnight Cowboy is a milestone along several different paths of movie history, all of which converged at the majestically seedy crossroads of Times Square in the spring of 1968.

By Mark Harris

Being There: American Cipher

Capturing the cultural anxieties of the 1970s, Hal Ashby’s comedic parable explores the pitfalls of innocence and credulity in American politics.

By Mark Harris