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Caden Mark Gardner

Caden Mark Gardner is a freelance trans film critic and researcher based in upstate New York. He focuses on queer cinema and the history of the trans film image.

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The Monkees Set Fire to Their Pop Image in Head

On the verge of implosion, the band rages through a performance of their song “Circle Sky” in a psychedelic, politically trenchant sequence from director Bob Rafelson’s debut feature.

By Caden Mark Gardner

Deep Dives

Two Fly-on-the-Wall Documentaries Chronicle Trans Life in the Shadows

Made in the 1990s, The Salt Mines and The Transformation take an unflinching look at the bigotry and economic hardships faced by a community of trans sex workers of color.

By Caden Mark Gardner

Bridging the Gaps in Trans History: A Conversation with K. J. Rawson

Gathering a wide range of trans-related materials, the Digital Transgender Archive represents a breakthrough for researchers looking to piece together the community’s past.

By Caden Mark Gardner

From the Margins: What the Archives Show Us About Trans Cinema and Audiences

Trans representation in cinema is nothing new. A string of pioneering publications from the past century reveal how trans audiences responded to seeing their community depicted on-screen.

By Caden Mark Gardner