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Ed Park

Ed Park is the author of the novel Personal Days.

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Memories of Murder: In the Killing Jar

Bong Joon Ho combines gritty crime drama with absurdist comedy in his breakthrough second feature, a dark tale set during a tumultuous period in South Korean history.

By Ed Park

The Labyrinth and the Plague

The chaos of a rapidly changing world and a politically turbulent decade come into focus in a series of science-fiction films made in the 1970s, now playing on the Criterion Channel.

By Ed Park

Safety Last!: High-Flying Harold

The silent legend practices slapstick with clockwork precision in his most iconic, astonishing comedy.

By Ed Park

Rosemary’s Baby: “It’s Alive”

All of them actors? Nearly everyone wears a mask in Roman Polanski’s devilishly clever work of horror.

By Ed Park