10 Things I Learned: Raging Bull

10 Things I Learned: <em>Raging Bull</em>


The first time Robert De Niro showed his good friend Martin Scorsese a copy of boxing champion Jake La Motta’s autobiography Raging Bull: My Story (cowritten with Joseph Carter and Peter Savage) was in 1974, when Scorsese was directing Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. De Niro thought the material would make for a good collaboration, but Scorsese never cared for sports and wasn’t interested in directing it. It wasn’t until 1978, after the critical and commercial failure of his musical New York, New York, when Scorsese was fighting his own demons to stay alive, that he finally found a way into the story of La Motta’s self-destructiveness.

A slowed-down, picture-only version of a series of punches from the fight

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