10 Things I Learned: The Celebration

10 Things I Learned: <em>The Celebration</em><em></em>


In 1995, director Lars von Trier contacted Thomas Vinterberg, whom he considered the most promising young Danish filmmaker. (Vinterberg had then not yet made his first feature film, The Biggest Heroes, but had directed two well-regarded shorts, Last Round and The Boy Who Walked Backwards.) Von Trier invited him to be not only a member of Dogme 95—a movement that sought to generate a new level of focus on storytelling and performance, as a direct counter to big-budget films’ perceived overreliance on special effects and other digital tools—but also the cowriter of its manifesto. According to Vinterberg, it took half an hour for von Trier and him to come up with the ten governing rules.

Lars von Trier
Lone Scherfig, Susanne Bier, Natasha Arthy, and Annette K. Olesen
Anthony Dod Mantle
Trine Dyrholm and Thomas Bo Larsen, who star in The Celebration
Vinterberg (center) and the cast of The Celebration at Cannes

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