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Heidi Bivens’s Top 10

The costume designer, known for her work on Inland Empire, Spring Breakers, and Euphoria, reflects on a few favorite movies that have shaped her aesthetic sensibility.

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The Criterion Channel’s August 2022 Lineup

Beat the heat with our extensive survey of Chinese representation in American film as well as tributes to Yaphet Kotto, David Gulpilil, and Myrna Loy.

The Evolution of a “Superpig”: Designing Okja, from Start to Finish

Both intimidatingly massive and deeply sympathetic, the creature at the heart of Bong Joon Ho’s meat-industry fable is the product of a close collaboration between the director and artist Jang Hee Chul.

By Curtis Tsui

Renate Reinsve’s Closet Picks

The breakout star of The Worst Person in the World takes home films by Michael Haneke, David Lynch, and Claire Denis.

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The Criterion Channel’s July 2022 Lineup

This month on the Channel brings a collection of boxing movies, a survey of film noir steeped in expressionistic color, and a tribute to the classic Hollywood director Henry King.

10 Things I Learned: Rouge

The producer of our edition of the masterful 1987 melodrama tells the stories of some of director Stanley Kwan’s legendary collaborators, including superstars Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung.

By Aliza Ma

Studio Visits

David Plunkert Shares His Passion for Color and Shape

The graphic designer behind our covers for Diabolique and The Tin Drum takes us inside his Baltimore studio and his idea-driven creative process.

Joel Potrykus’s Top 10

With his features and new short film, Thing from the Factory by the Field, currently playing on the Criterion Channel, the writer-director selects ten movies that influenced his style.

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The Criterion Channel’s June 2022 Lineup

Shimmy into summer with our centennial tribute to Judy Garland and two career-spanning series dedicated to queer filmmakers Ulrike Ottinger and Terence Davies.

Artist Sean Phillips on His Many-Sided Craft, from Comics to Criterion Covers

The man behind the artwork for Sweet Smell of Success, In the Heat of the Night, and several other Criterion editions discusses his career in narrative comics and the inspiration he draws from illustration styles of the past.

By Eric Skillman

Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Closet Picks

While perusing our collection, the acclaimed actor and singer-songwriter linked some of her favorite films to memories of her family.

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The Criterion Channel’s May 2022 Lineup

This month’s programs include spotlights on Richard Linklater, Ida Lupino, and Jean Gabin, as well as a revelatory showcase of Asian American filmmaking in the 1990s.

A Movie About Leaving Earth

On Earth Day, we celebrate Al Reinert’s For All Mankind, a groundbreaking documentary that is as much a reflection on our planet as it is a chronicle of space travel.

By Jonathan Turell

Sarita Choudhury’s Closet Picks

The costar of Mississippi Masala stocks up on films she cherishes, including classics by Satyajit Ray, Michelangelo Antonioni, and Stephen Frears.

Blerta Basholli’s Top 10

The Sundance-award-winning director of Hive highlights films of extraordinary emotional impact, including work by Ken Loach, Wong Kar Wai, and Wim Wenders.

Theodore Witcher’s Closet Picks

The writer-director of love jones pays a visit to our office and stocks up on a few classics that he hasn’t revisited in years.

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The Criterion Channel’s April 2022 Lineup

Step into spring with a collection of blaxploitation deep cuts and spotlights on Guru Dutt, Delphine Seyrig, and the early work of John Ford.

Sebastian Meise’s Top 10

The writer-director of Great Freedom shares a list of provocative and stylistically daring films that have long lingered in his mind.

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The Criterion Channel’s March 2022 Lineup

Next month on the Criterion Channel, we’re pushing the envelope with a series of the pre-Code films made by Paramount Pictures, a centenary tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini, and a collection of groundbreaking concert documentaries.

Garrett Bradley’s Closet Picks

The director of the Oscar-nominated documentary Time shares an eclectic selection of her favorite films, from European art-house staples to classics of Black cinema.

Studio Visits

Chris Buck Brings His Off-Kilter Portraiture Style to Dick Johnson Is Dead

The veteran photographer’s gently surreal and comical sensibility drives the artwork of our edition of Kirsten Johnson’s documentary.

10 Things I Learned: The Celebration

The producer of our edition of Thomas Vinterberg’s breakthrough film explains how the movie reflects the values of Dogme 95, the movement from which it emerged.

By Jason Altman

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The Criterion Channel’s February 2022 Lineup

We’re celebrating Black History Month with tributes to trailblazing artists like Harry Belafonte, Melvin Van Peebles, and documentary master Stanley Nelson.

Designing Citizen Kane, Down to the Letter

How to encapsulate the spirit of the most celebrated film of all time in a single image? The artist behind our Citizen Kane edition reflects on his winding path to the minimalistic final product.

By Mike McQuade