10 Things I Learned: One-Eyed Jacks

10 Things I Learned: <em>One-Eyed Jacks</em>


Marlon Brando and his father founded Pennebaker, Inc., one of several companies in the 1950s that were started by leading actors and backed by a major studio. This business model became popular as the “Big Five” studio system began to lose its grip on Hollywood. One-Eyed Jacks was the company’s first production.


A number of writers were attached to One-Eyed Jacks. The script was loosely based on The Authentic Death of Hendry Jones, Charles Neider’s novel about Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. First Rod Serling took a crack at it, then the project was taken over by a young Sam Peckinpah, who would later use ideas he developed in the working script to shape his own take on the story of the outlaw and sheriff, 1973’s Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. After Peckinpah came Calder Willingham, and finally Guy Trosper.

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