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Michael Sicinski

Michael Sicinski is a writer and critic who specializes in the analysis of experimental cinema. He is a frequent contributor to Cinema Scope, Cineaste, and Cargo. He also teaches film studies in the Art History Department at the University of Houston.

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“You Don’t Have a Home Until You Leave”: Mati Diop’s Short Films

Before breaking through with her debut feature, Atlantics, the French-Senegalese filmmaker honed her moody, sensual style in a string of short films that bring together postcolonial and supernatural themes.

By Michael Sicinski

The Sprightly Civil Servant: Norman McLaren at the National Film Board of Canada

Can creative genius flourish on the federal dime? Animator Norman McLaren’s remarkably innovative, government-funded films suggest it can.

By Michael Sicinski

Le Havre: “Always Be a Human”

Aki Kaurismäki’s latest working-class fable is his warmest, and his most political.

By Michael Sicinski