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James Naremore

James Naremore is author of An Invention Without a Future: Essays on Cinema (2014), Charles Burnett: A Cinema of Symbolic Knowledge (2017), and Film Noir: A Very Short Introduction (2019). His website is

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“You Don’t Win, You Survive”: A Guide to Charles Burnett’s Shorter Films

Some of the LA Rebellion icon’s most politically and emotionally resonant stories can be found in his small-scale works, which have long stood in the shadow of his feature films.

By James Naremore

Foreign Correspondent: The Windmills of War

The immediacy of an ongoing war electrifies Alfred Hitchcock’s suspenseful second Hollywood feature.

By James Naremore

Paths of Glory: “We Have Met the Enemy . . .”
The ceremony of execution, seen against the background of the château, gains impact from Kubrick’s deliberate pacing and dynamic manipulation of wide-angle perspectives. The camera advances slowly and inexorably toward the three stakes where the m…

By James Naremore