Jeanne Moreau

With her mix of sultry glamour and no-nonsense wit, this Paris-born actor was the embodiment of intelligent French movie stardom over the course of her six-decade career.

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Spine # Title Director Country Year
1191 The Trial The Trial Orson Welles France, 1962
1123 Mr. Klein Mr. Klein Joseph Losey France, 1976
281 Jules and Jim Jules and Jim François Truffaut France, 1962
335 Elevator to the Gallows Elevator to the Gallows Louis Malle France, 1958
678 La notte La notte Michelangelo Antonioni Italy, 1961
715 Bay of Angels Bay of Angels Jacques Demy France, 1963
429 The Lovers The Lovers Louis Malle France, 1958
830 Chimes at Midnight Chimes at Midnight Orson Welles Spain, 1966
831 The Immortal Story The Immortal Story Orson Welles France, 1968
430 The Fire Within The Fire Within Louis Malle France, 1963
117 Diary of a Chambermaid Diary of a Chambermaid Luis Buñuel France, 1964
271 Touchez pas au grisbi Touchez pas au grisbi Jacques Becker France, 1954