David Lean

From sweeping epics to more intimate, luminous films, this English filmmaker’s pictures were driven by his deep interest in complex characters, his brilliant way with actors, and his classic sense of storytelling.

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Spine # Title Director Country Year
22 Summertime Summertime David Lean United States, 1955
76 Brief Encounter Brief Encounter David Lean United Kingdom, 1945
605 This Happy Breed This Happy Breed David Lean United Kingdom, 1944
604 In Which We Serve In Which We Serve David Lean… United Kingdom, 1942
606 Blithe Spirit Blithe Spirit David Lean United Kingdom, 1945
32 Oliver Twist Oliver Twist David Lean United Kingdom, 1948
31 Great Expectations Great Expectations David Lean United Kingdom, 1946
85 Pygmalion Pygmalion Anthony Asquith and Leslie Howard United Kingdom, 1938
461 Hobson’s Choice Hobson’s Choice David Lean United Kingdom, 1954
376 49th Parallel 49th Parallel Michael Powell United Kingdom, 1941
Major Barbara Major Barbara Gabriel Pascal United Kingdom, 1941