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Spine # Title Director Country Year
1166 The Adventures of Baron Munchausen The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Terry Gilliam United Kingdom, 1988
1185 After Hours After Hours Martin Scorsese United States, 1985
842 Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams Akira Kurosawa Japan, 1990
782 The Apu Trilogy The Apu Trilogy    
834 Blood Simple Blood Simple Joel Coen United States, 1984
562 Blow Out Blow Out Brian De Palma United States, 1981
38 Branded to Kill Branded to Kill Seijun Suzuki Japan, 1967
408 Breathless Breathless Jean-Luc Godard France, 1960
218 Le cercle rouge Le cercle rouge Jean-Pierre Melville France, 1970
1104 Citizen Kane Citizen Kane Orson Welles United States, 1941
409 Days of Heaven Days of Heaven Terrence Malick United States, 1978
336 Dazed and Confused Dazed and Confused Richard Linklater United States, 1993
1135 Devil in a Blue Dress Devil in a Blue Dress Carl Franklin United States, 1995
745 Don’t Look Now Don’t Look Now Nicolas Roeg United Kingdom, 1973
1126 Double Indemnity Double Indemnity Billy Wilder United States, 1944
764 The Fisher King The Fisher King Terry Gilliam United States, 1991
54 For All Mankind For All Mankind Al Reinert United States, 1989
1201 Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson United States, 2022
711 A Hard Day’s Night A Hard Day’s Night Richard Lester United Kingdom, 1964
147 In the Mood for Love In the Mood for Love Wong Kar Wai Hong Kong, 2000
549 The Last Picture Show The Last Picture Show Peter Bogdanovich United States, 1971
1118 The Last Waltz The Last Waltz Martin Scorsese United States, 1978
1202 Lone Star Lone Star John Sayles United States, 1996
1152 Lost Highway Lost Highway David Lynch United States, 1997
1160 Malcolm X Malcolm X Spike Lee United States, 1992
827 McCabe & Mrs. Miller McCabe & Mrs. Miller Robert Altman United States, 1971
1198 Mean Streets Mean Streets Martin Scorsese United States, 1973
1105 Menace II Society Menace II Society Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes United States, 1993
860 Mildred Pierce Mildred Pierce Michael Curtiz United States, 1945
1192 Moonage Daydream Moonage Daydream Brett Morgen United States, 2022
779 Mulholland Dr. Mulholland Dr. David Lynch United States, 2001
909 Night of the Living Dead Night of the Living Dead George A. Romero United States, 1968
1133 Okja Okja Bong Joon Ho United States, 2017
1187 One False Move One False Move Carl Franklin United States, 1992
1195 The Others The Others Alejandro Amenábar Spain, 2001
1110 The Piano The Piano Jane Campion New Zealand, 1993
948 The Princess Bride The Princess Bride Rob Reiner United States, 1987
1134 Raging Bull Raging Bull Martin Scorsese United States, 1980
44 The Red Shoes The Red Shoes Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger United Kingdom, 1948
1208 The Roaring Twenties The Roaring Twenties Raoul Walsh United States, 1939
216 The Rules of the Game The Rules of the Game Jean Renoir France, 1939
11 The Seventh Seal The Seventh Seal Ingmar Bergman Sweden, 1957
1130 Shaft Shaft Gordon Parks United States, 1971
1151 Sound of Metal Sound of Metal Darius Marder United States, 2019
1180 Thelma & Louise Thelma & Louise Ridley Scott United States, 1991
1158 The Power of the Dog The Power of the Dog Jane Campion United States, 2021
587 Three Colors Three Colors    
37 Time Bandits Time Bandits Terry Gilliam United Kingdom, 1981
1204 Trainspotting Trainspotting Danny Boyle United Kingdom, 1996
1191 The Trial The Trial Orson Welles France, 1962
1178 Triangle of Sadness Triangle of Sadness Ruben Östlund Sweden, 2022
1101 Uncut Gems Uncut Gems Josh Safdie and Benny Safdie United States, 2019
248 Videodrome Videodrome David Cronenberg Canada, 1983
920 The Virgin Suicides The Virgin Suicides Sofia Coppola United States, 1999
10 Walkabout Walkabout Nicolas Roeg United Kingdom, 1971
1161 WALL·E WALL·E Andrew Stanton United States, 2008
490 Wings of Desire Wings of Desire Wim Wenders Germany, 1987
1186 The Ranown Westerns: Five Films Directed by Budd Boetticher The Ranown Westerns: Five Films Directed by Budd Boetticher    
1207 The Heroic Trio / Executioners The Heroic Trio / Executioners