Mikio Naruse

Apart from You

Apart from You

For Apart from You, Mikio Naruse turned his camera on the lives of working women, which he would continue to do throughout his long career. In this gently devastating drama, a critical breakthrough for the director, he contrasts the life of an aging geisha, whose angry teenage son is ashamed of her profession, with that of her youthful counterpart, a lovely young girl resentful of her family for forcing her into a life of ignominy.

Film Info

  • Japan
  • 1933
  • 60 minutes
  • Black & White
  • 1.33:1
  • Japanese

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Eclipse Series 26: Silent Naruse

Eclipse 26: Silent Naruse

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Apart from You
Mitsuko Yoshikawa
Akio Isono
Sumiko Mizukubo
Reikichi Kawamura
Terugiku’s father
Tatsuko Fuji
Terugiku’s mother
Yoko Fujita
Terugiku’s sister
Jun Arai
Kikue’s husband
Choko Iida
Landlady of geisha house
Mikio Naruse
Written by
Mikio Naruse
Suketaro Inokai
Production design
Tatsuo Hamada


Eclipse Series 26: Silent Naruse
Eclipse Series 26: Silent Naruse
Living Room The cinema of Mikio Naruse is one of heartbreak but also one of indomitable poise. Melodrama is the director’s stock-in-trade. His stories are inhabited by people, generally women, imprisoned in their domestic and professional circum…

By Michael Koresky