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Colin Farrell on Working with Terrence Malick

Since his debut in the 1970s, Terrence Malick has remained one of American cinema’s most poetic voices, bringing a lyrical touch and philosophical reflectiveness to a wide range of stories and settings. In his 2005 historical drama The New World, the director immerses viewers in an emotionally stirring vision of seventeenth-century America. Reimagining the mythic love story of British explorer John Smith and Powhatan native Pocahontas, actors Colin Farrell and Q’orianka Kilcher deliver performances that match the unlikely combination of spontaneity and rigor that defines Malick’s vision.

A decade after the film’s release, we sat down with Farrell for an in-depth conversation, featured in a program on our just-released edition of The New World. In the above excerpt, Farrell shares his candid observations on Malick’s directing style and the inspiration he drew from the natural landscape.

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