Repertory Picks

Whit Stillman in Coral Gables

December is but a few days away, so it’s an ideal time to revisit Metropolitan, Whit Stillman’s classic holiday tale of New York's “urban haute bourgeoisie.” And this week, the director's influential 1990 gem will screen in Florida at Coral Gables Art Cinema. The film, which was Stillman’s directorial debut, established the distinct style and language—used to portray high society with wry wit and genuine heart—that's gone on to define his career. Metropolitan follows a group of young intellectuals and socialites back home on the Upper West Side for winter break (aka debutante season) and focuses in particular on the misadventures of one young man outside the group's social sphere who becomes immersed in their decadent world of endless parties and romantic woes. If you find yourself in Florida, go see Metropolitan this Tuesday night—and in the meantime, watch a video clip of outtakes from a scene featuring cult filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman, with audio commentary by Stillman himself.

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