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Aaron Han Joon Magnan-Park

Aaron Han Joon Magnan-Park is Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong. He received his PhD in film studies from the University of Iowa. He specializes in Hong Kong action cinema, contemporary South Korean cinema, sound theory, poly-Asian cinema, and the cultural dynamics of Hollywood’s engagement with Asia. He is coeditor of The Palgrave Handbook of Asian Cinema. He has contributed to journals such as Asian Cinema and Journal of Chinese Cinemas and anthologies such as Chinese Connections: Critical Perspectives on Film, Identity, and Diaspora and Hong Kong Film, Hollywood and New Global Cinema.

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Last Hurrah for Chivalry: Long Live Chivalric Brotherhood

A pivotal early film from legendary Hong Kong director John Woo, this martial-arts classic explores the heroic ethos of youxia, Chinese warriors willing to sacrifice their lives to fight for justice and fulfill their promises.

By Aaron Han Joon Magnan-Park