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Nate Chinen

Nate Chinen is the author of Playing Changes: Jazz for the New Century. A former jazz critic for the New York Times and former columnist for JazzTimes, he is a regular contributor to NPR Music. A thirteen-time winner of the Helen Dance–Robert Palmer Award for Excellence in Writing, he is also the coauthor of George Wein’s Myself Among Others: A Life in Music.

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The Mancini Touch

The music of the legendary, multiple-Oscar-winning composer brought the freedom and anxiety of postwar America to life.

By Nate Chinen

Beyond the Western: The Staggering Range of Ennio Morricone

The legendary film composer may be best known for his work on Sergio Leone’s iconic visions of the American frontier, but a closer listen reveals his mastery of a wide variety of genres, sounds, and styles.

By Nate Chinen


The Valedictory Anthem That Takes Us Inside Inside Llewyn Davis

The heartbreaking lament “Fare Thee Well” builds in resonance as it drifts through multiple scenes in the Coen brothers’ folk-fueled drama.

By Nate Chinen