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Charles Ramírez Berg

Charles Ramírez Berg is a professor of film studies at the University of Texas at Austin. He has written extensively on film history, Latinos in U.S. film, Mexican cinema, and narratology. His most recent book is The Classical Mexican Cinema: The Poetics of the Exceptional Golden Age Films.

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The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez: A Cinematic Corrido

Reimagining the story of a Mexican American folk hero, this revisionist western ushered in a new era in both Chicano and independent filmmaking.

By Charles Ramírez Berg

Redes: El cine mexicano

This political drama was made in Mexico at a revolutionary moment and represents an extraordinary confluence of international talent.

By Charles Ramírez Berg

¡Alambrista!: Inside the Undocumented Experience
When it was first released in 1977, ¡Alambrista! depicted something previously unseen in American fiction films—the lives of undocumented Mexican immigrants from their point of view. Though writer-director-cinematographer Robert M. Young was …

By Charles Ramírez Berg