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Melissa Anderson

Melissa Anderson is the film editor of 4Columns and the author of a monograph on David Lynch’s Inland Empire from Fireflies Press.

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Town Bloody Hall: On the High Seas

This triumph of Direct Cinema captures a high-profile moment in the history of second-wave feminism in all its heady, histrionic glory.

By Melissa Anderson


High Brow: Gloria Grahame in In a Lonely Place
Any paean to noir seductress nonpareil Gloria Grahame—mine included—can’t hope to surpass this encomium from Boyd McDonald, one of her most ardent and articulate devotees. Saluting Grahame’s performance in In a Lonely Place (1950) in his esse…

By Melissa Anderson

Belle de jour: Tough Love

A housewife finds erotic liberation through byzantine psychosexual fantasies in one of the peaks of Luis Buñuel’s extremely rich late period.

By Melissa Anderson