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Lisa Dombrowski

Lisa Dombrowski is the author of The Films of Samuel Fuller: If You Die, I’ll Kill You! and the editor of Kazan Revisited. She has written for the New York Times, Film Comment, Film Quarterly, Film History, and the Velvet Light Trap. She is an associate professor at Wesleyan University.

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Forty Guns: High-Riding Woman

Three decades into her iconic career, Barbara Stanwyck delivered her final great film performance in Samuel Fuller’s ribald and fiercely feminist twist on the western.

By Lisa Dombrowski

Me and Sam Fuller
It is a good time to belong to the cult of Fuller. Those of us who consider ourselves members never forget our moment of induction. Some enlisted when his films first hit the screen—lucky enough to catch The Steel Helmet in a shabby downtown theate…

By Lisa Dombrowski