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Frank Rich

Frank Rich is a writer at large for New York magazine and an executive producer of the HBO series Veep and Succession.

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Shampoo: First as Farce

Seen as a light-hearted farce upon its release, this star-studded comedy by Hal Ashby stands as one of Hollywood’s most prescient portraits of post-Watergate politics.

By Frank Rich

The Graduate: Intimations of a Revolution

Without any overt topical references, Mike Nichols’s The Graduate captured the zeitgeist of the 1960s and the dawning countercultural revolution.

By Frank Rich

Taxi Driver
Imagine Hitchcock’s Psycho told from the point of view of its title character, and you have a rough idea of Taxi Driver. This riveting 1976 film is at once a thriller, a psychological case study, an exploration of the eroticism of violence, a polit…

By Frank Rich