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Irene Bignardi

Irene Bignardi was the film critic for the Italian daily La repubblica for fifteen years and later the director of the Locarno Film Festival. She is now critic at large for La repubblica and the author of Memorie estorte a uno smemorato: Vita di Gillo Pontecorvo, Le piccole utopie, and Americani.

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Rome Open City: A Star Is Born
"All roads lead to Rome Open City,” Jean-Luc Godard once said, playing on the old Italian proverb—and meaning, we can assume, that when thinking about modern cinema, one always has to come to terms with Roberto Rossellini’s seminal film. Indeed…

By Irene Bignardi

Seduced and Abandoned: Honor and Family

Once upon a time, in a country of the old, civilized Europe, an article of the civil code allowed a rapist to go free if the victim agreed to marry him. The wedding voided the crime. And once upon a time, which after all was not so long ago—less th

By Irene Bignardi