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Brock DeShane

Brock DeShane is a writer, filmmaker, and actor. He coproduced and wrote the liner essay for the Criterion Collection edition of Equinox.

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2 or 3 Things I Know About Godzilla

A lifelong movie collector remembers the thrill of discovering the granddaddy of all monsters on Super 8.

By Brock DeShane

Blobs, Demons, and Dark Stars: Remembering Jack H. Harris

Filmmaker Brock DeShane pays heartfelt tribute to Jack H. Harris, the late cult-horror maestro who produced low-budget sensations like The Blob and Equinox.

By Brock DeShane

My Golden Voyage with Harryhausen

Remembering special effects legend Ray Harryhausen, who is being celebrated at the Aero Theatre in L.A. this month.

By Brock DeShane

The Fall of the House of Ackerman
When science fiction guru Forrest J Ackerman died last December, he was remembered for many firsts. Born November 24, 1916, Ackerman (known as Forry by fans and friends) purchased his first science fiction magazine in 1926. He founded the first scien…

By Brock DeShane

Backyard Monsters: Equinox and the Triumph of Love

By 1965, the cinema had edged toward the brink of worldwide revolution. In France, Jean-Luc Godard was leading a new wave of critics-turned-directors, bent on the transformation of traditional production theories. High in the mountains of Colorado, f

By Brock DeShane