Bo Widerberg

Raven’s End

Raven’s End

A period piece that forgoes nostalgia in favor of a stark examination of working-class struggle, Bo Widerberg’s second feature unfolds in 1936 in the director’s hometown of Malmö. It’s there, in the poor district of Raven’s End, that young Anders (Widerberg’s regular collaborator Tommy Berggren) chases his dream of becoming a writer while growing increasingly disillusioned with the dead-end world that surrounds him: an alcoholic father, a toiling mother, and the ominous specter of Nazism. Delivering a bracing jolt of kitchen-sink realism to Swedish cinema, Widerberg paints an unsparing portrait of youthful idealism bumping up against economic despair.

Film Info

  • Sweden
  • 1963
  • 100 minutes
  • Black & White
  • 1.37:1
  • Swedish

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Bo Widerberg’s New Swedish Cinema

Bo Widerberg’s New Swedish Cinema

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Raven’s End
Tommy Berggren
Keve Hjelm
The father
Emy Storm
The mother
Ingvar Hirdwall
Christina Frambäck
Agneta Prytz
Nina Widerberg
Bo Widerberg
Written by
Bo Widerberg
Cinematography by
Jan Lindeström
First assistant cameraman
Bruno Rådström
First assistant cameraman
Gunnar Lingby
Camera operator
Anders Bodin
Sound by
Sven Fahlén
Sound by
Henning Elvegård
Editing by
Wic’ Kjellin
Art direction by
Einar Nettelbladt
Unit manager
Waldemar Bergendahl


Bo Widerberg’s New Swedish Cinema: Another Sweden
Bo Widerberg’s New Swedish Cinema: Another Sweden

While frequently drawing from the depths of his private life, the writer-director also sought to shake Swedish cinema out of a state of complacency by engaging with the country’s turbulent social landscape.

By Peter Cowie