Bo Widerberg

Ådalen 31

Ådalen 31

One of Bo Widerberg’s most explicitly political works imbues the true story of a 1931 labor strike with a powerful contemporary resonance. In the industrial district of Ådalen, in the north of Sweden, a peaceful demonstration takes a tragic turn, leading to a historic general strike. Amid these events, the teenage Kjell (Peter Schildt) experiences sacrifice and strife, love and loss, and the consequences of this shocking violence. Working once again with Elvira Madigan cinematographer Jörgen Persson—who captures shimmering, light-filled images in graceful widescreen—Widerberg entwines a stirring portrait of resistance with an intimate coming-of-age journey for a vision of history that feels vibrantly, urgently alive.

Film Info

  • Sweden
  • 1969
  • 114 minutes
  • Color
  • 2.39:1
  • Swedish

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Bo Widerberg’s New Swedish Cinema

Bo Widerberg’s New Swedish Cinema

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Ådalen 31
Peter Schildt
Kjell Andersson
Kerstin Tidelius
Karin, his mother
Roland Hedlund
Harald, his father
Marie De Geer
Anita Björk
Hedvig, Anna’s mother
Olof Bergström
Anna’s father
Jonas Bergström
Kjell’s friend
Bo Widerberg
Written by
Bo Widerberg
Edited by
Bo Widerberg
Cinematography by
Jörgen Persson
Production manager
Elisabeth Fahlén
Production manager
Staffan Hedqvist
Sound by
Björn Öberg
Sound by
Tommy Persson
Wardrobe and continuity
Anne von Sydow


Bo Widerberg’s New Swedish Cinema: Another Sweden
Bo Widerberg’s New Swedish Cinema: Another Sweden

While frequently drawing from the depths of his private life, the writer-director also sought to shake Swedish cinema out of a state of complacency by engaging with the country’s turbulent social landscape.

By Peter Cowie