Chan Chuen

Fearless Hyena II

Fearless Hyena II

By the early 1980s, Jackie Chan’s popularity made him box-office gold. Thus when, midway through filming the sequel to his hit The Fearless Hyena, Chan walked off the production to defect to rival studio Golden Harvest, producer Lo Wei opted to complete the film with the help of stunt doubles and recycled footage. The result—the tale of two lazy cousins (Chan and Austin Wai Tin-chi) who join forces to avenge the deaths of their fathers—may not be pure Chan, but there are plenty of loony pleasures (including our hero fighting an adversary with his feet!) to be had.

Film Info

  • Hong Kong
  • 1983
  • 91 minutes
  • Color
  • 2.39:1
  • Cantonese

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Jackie Chan: Emergence of a Superstar

Jackie Chan: Emergence of a Superstar

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Fearless Hyena II
Jackie Chan
Ching Lung
Austin Wai Tin-chi
Yen Shi-kwan
Heaven Devil
Kwon Yeong-moon
Earth Devil
James Tien
Ching Tsun-nam
Chen Hui-Lou
Ching Tsun-pei
Hon Kwok-choi
Ma Chiang
Siu Ba-tien
Im Eun-joo
Siu Ling
Chan Chuen
Written and executive-produced by
Lo Wei
Martial-arts director
Chui Siu-hung
Yau Kei
Vincent Leung Wing-Chan


Bugs Bunny in the Shaolin Temple
Bugs Bunny in the Shaolin Temple

In a string of wildly entertaining films released between the late seventies and the mideighties, Jackie Chan paved the way to his international stardom by turning himself into a real-life cartoon character.

By Alex Pappademas