Kazuo Ikehiro

Zatoichi’s Pilgrimage

Zatoichi’s Pilgrimage

Troubled by his violent past, Zatoichi begins a journey to a series of shrines for a dose of cleansing spirituality. But as always, trouble isn’t far behind, and the blind swordsman soon finds himself defending a widow from the self-interest of ruthless thugs and despicable townsfolk. Written by Kaneto Shindo (Onibaba), this fourteenth Zatoichi is a scathing attack on the upper classes and those who wield power, both in the criminal underworld and everyday society.

Film Info

  • Japan
  • 1966
  • 82 minutes
  • Color
  • 2.35:1
  • Japanese

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Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman

Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman

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Zatoichi’s Pilgrimage
Shintaro Katsu
Michiyo Okusu
Isao Yamagata
Boss Tohachi
Hisashi Igawa
Masao Mishima
Kunie Tanaka
Kazuo Ikehiro
Produced by
Ikuo Kubodera
Original story by
Kan Shimozawa
Kaneto Shindo
Senkichiro Takeda
Edited by
Toshio Taniguchi
Original music
Ichiro Saito
Art direction
Yoshinobu Nishioka


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