How to Get Your Citizen Kane Blu⁠-⁠ray Disc 1 Replaced

We discovered this weekend that there is a problem with Blu-ray disc 1 in all of our Citizen Kane editions that affects the contrast in the feature film, starting around the 30-minute mark and lasting until the end of the film. The 4K UHD disc is not affected. We are in the process of manufacturing corrected copies and will be making replacements available to all of our customers. We hope to have replacement discs ready to ship before the end of the year.

January 19 update: Corrected stock is available. If you made a purchase prior to this date and would like to exchange your disc, please see instructions below.

How to tell if you have a corrected Blu-ray 1 disc?

1. There will be a physical sticker on the outside of the plastic shrink wrap of all sealed copies of Citizen Kane with these new UPC code numbers:

On the 4K UHD edition: 715515270113

On the Blu-ray edition: 715515270212

2. The corrected Blu-ray disc 1 will read “Second pressing 2021” in the text around the edge of the disc face.

If you made a purchase prior to January 19 and would like to exchange your Blu-ray disc 1, you have two options:

1. Break or cut the disc in half. Then take a photo of the unplayable disc, with your name and the date written on a slip of paper included in the image, and email the photo to Be sure to include a mailing address that will be valid for the next 1-2 months in the body of the message. Please use “CITIZEN KANE BD REPLACEMENT” as the subject line.

2. Mail the disc back to us. Please be sure to include your name and mailing address with your copy of Citizen Kane Blu-ray disc 1 only (no packaging). Send to:

The Criterion Collection
Attn: Jon Mulvaney / KANE
215 Park Ave South, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003

There is no need to protect the disc you are returning, and please do not send the packaging or other discs, as we will not be replacing complete sets.

When we ship your replacement disc, we’ll include a $10 gift certificate to inside the mailer.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Our apologies for this inconvenience, and thanks as always for your support. Best wishes for a happy, safe, and wonderful holiday.

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