Repertory Picks

Weekend with Godard in Atlanta

From now until April 25, Emory University’s Emory Cinematheque in Atlanta will be hosting the series French New Waves: Classics and Rediscoveries. In addition to seminal works of the nouvelle vague, the series will be showcasing some celebrated precursors to those films, as well as a selection of late-career works from the movement’s most eminent directors. Screening next Wednesday is Jean-Luc Godard’s 1967 black comedy Weekend, a wonderfully caustic political satire that centers on a bourgeois couple making their way across the French countryside to secure an inheritance from a dying family member. Remembered fondly for its iconic traffic jam, Weekend swiftly unravels into a surreal depiction of modern society’s savagery, and remains one of Godard’s most bizarre and amusing films. Enjoy the original French trailer below.

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