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Pedro Almodóvar in Philadelphia

Last month, the International House Philadelphia, in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania, kicked off a series called Cinema, Censorship, and the Scandal of Sex, selecting four films that “have been seen as an outrage to decency, morality, religious beliefs, and other community norms.” On the docket for next week is Pedro Almodóvar’s 1990 erotic comedy Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! Starring Antonio Banderas—in his fifth collaboration with the director—this tale of amour fou centers on a young mental patient who kidnaps a porn star turned B-movie actor. Intent on getting her to marry him and fall in love with him, he goes to great lengths to keep her in his control. A tale of obsessive romance, madness, and Stockholm syndrome, Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! remains one of Almodóvar’s most sensational works (controversy over its content led to the development of the NC-17 rating in the United States). You can see the film for free next Wednesday in Philly, and in the meantime, watch our video of Almodóvar muse Penélope Cruz discussing the major impression the film made on her when she saw it as a teenager, and how it went on to influence her career. (And for a view into the making of the movie, take a look at our behind-the-scenes photo gallery.)

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