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A Room with a View: Helena Bonham Carter Kisses and Tells

Many of the most romantic moments in movies are the results of decidedly unromantic real-life on-set moments. As Helena Bonham Carter reveals in this candid new interview clip, that was certainly the case with A Room with a View and locking lips with her costars Julian Sands and Daniel Day-Lewis.

Helena Bonham Carter and the Kiss


You know the kiss that ended up being, everyone loved? That was totally improvised, right at the last minute. They were desperately always trying to find cornflowers, but there were only things, we only had poppies. And then because of the sunset we’d been waiting for days, I think, if I remember, to try and get this kiss, it had to be on the magic moment, whatever that means. And suddenly it was like, “Okay, you’re on, just do the kiss. Julian, you stand there; Helena, just walk!” It’s very hard to walk across a plowed field in high heels, and, oh God, it was hard work. I just knew I had to get to him without falling down. And then not laugh when he kissed me. And it’s really hard to kiss someone when you’re only eighteen and you haven’t done it that many times, too. So it was hard, that was hard.

It was really hard not to laugh when Cecil [Daniel Day-Lewis] kissed me. And then my mum came, I remember. That was really off-putting to Julian, so he had to kiss me again, in the bushes somewhere. And Mum was bang in his eyeline, that was putting him off, and he had to say, “Excuse me, could you, um . . .” And John Malkovich was there for some reason . . . knitting. Because he was a good friend of Julian’s. On set. There was lots of weird memories.

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