Beaucoup de Truffaut

The smart folks at the niftily designed film website Not Coming to a Theater Near You are in the midst of a monthlong feature titled Love on the Run: The Films of François Truffaut. One essay and film at a time, the writers will be delving into the groundbreaking early works, the later genre explorations, the artistry and politics, and the strengths and weaknesses of this “most romantic and subjective of the New Wave directors,” not overlooking features or shorts or even tangentially related titles, such as the 1958 short film Une histoire d’eau, which began as a Truffaut project before being taken over by Godard. The series (which proceeds chronologically and is currently up to 1964’s The Soft Skin) will continue through April. And make sure to check out the simply sublime montage of Antoine Doinel sprinting through life, from The 400 Blows to Love on the Run.

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